Monday, 18 January 2016

making a stamp with Silhouette's stamp material on my Silhouette Portrait machine

 I have a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine and the Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit.  I couldn't fine much info on what stamp pads work best with it, so I decided to try some out. Do not confuse this with the Silhouette Mint stamp making machine and its materials, I don't have one of those.
First a few words about the stamp material.  It is a sort soft flexible plasticy stuff, possibly silicone. Its a bit like the stuff silicone baby bottle teats used to be made of. It is a bit like the stuff clear acrylic stamps are made off, but it is much softer and not quite as clear.

Anyway, there is a tutorial on how to use it here at the Silhouette School blog, so I'm not going to present one here.  The comments are worth reading too.

 Silhouette recommend that cuts in the stamp material are 1/16 of an inch apart, that is about 1.5mm here in Australia. So much craft information is from the US that its hard to use metric for everything as I would like to.  This width means you can't do small writing or anything like that.

I decided to make the flower that's on the box of the Starter Kit first. The box  has a somewhat misleading picture on it, I mean the inked-up black flower on the grid on the left. The one to the right is a better indication of what the stamp is like.
I made the flower but there was some problem with alignment and one side of the flower was not cut. When I find out why I will post the information here.

I found the stamped image a bit disappointing, that led me to do some experiments and gave me something to blog about.

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